Wholesale BLIS Product Range

BLIS honey is wholeheartedly organic.

In creating their precious and naturally healing certified organic raw Manuka honey, they go far beyond the acceptable to create the incredible. This Manuka honey sure does pack a taste punch.

BLIS is a Melbourne based, 100% Australian owned brand. They're proudly passionate about bringing us organic honey that's honest and transparent and the very best they can create.

There's no big companies or artificial foods at BLIS. Just real people with real dreams for a fairer, better, healthier and more sustainable future for all.

Manuka honey from BLIS is for those of us who want to keep ourselves healthy and heal ourselves naturally if we do develop colds, flus and other bugs. It's manufactured with the bee's best interests and longevity at heart and is organically and biodynamically produced.

BLIS bees enjoy healthy hives and a pristine environment, evident in the taste of this premium honey.

Stock the shelves of your health food store or buy your personal stash of BLIS Manuka honey in bulk. 

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