Amisa is made to be a little different. They combine nutritious, healthy, organic and gluten free, creating a range of food that cares for people with special dietary needs.

The Amisa range of gluten free foods is a delicious range of baking mixes, crispbreads, pastas and more. Each batch of gluten free products is rigorously tested using the ELISA method to ensure it's free from gluten.

So if you follow a gluten free diet because you're allergic to gluten, you can have peace of mind that your Amisa food won't make you unwell.

Amisa gluten free products are also ideal for those of us choosing to minimize our exposure to allergens such as gluten, but who still want to enjoy cakes, burgers and spaghetti.

And what's more, Amisa don't use any artificial additives, preservatives or food colors, just pure, wholesome foods.

Part of Windmill Organics, who also own Biona Organics and Raw Health, Amisa gives us nothing but nutritious, healthy, organic and gluten free food, created by passionate people.

What's not to like?!