Wholesale Amisa Product Range

Stop talking about what food is isn’t. Start talking about what it is! 

“Free-from” foods don’t have to be boring and bland… Gluten-free foods that are as delicious as they are nutritious, Amisa provides gluten-free crispbreads, pasta and falafel mix.

Flavour is at the heart of Amisa’s “free-from” foods by sourcing only the highest-quality organic and ethical ingredients. Instead of removing gluten from foods – which adds an additional process to the mix – Amisa chooses foods that are naturally gluten-free. That means no meddling… just real, wholesome nutrition.

This family business was started by Noel and Donata with the idea that people with dietary needs shouldn’t miss out on healthy, delicious food. Blending their children’s names Amy and Elisa to create Amisa, the brand brings organic, ethical and sustainably-sourced food to everyone.

  • NATURALLY GLUTEN-FREE - Amisa products aren’t meddled with. They’re all naturally gluten-free and unprocessed.
  • ORGANIC - Always organic for the most nutritious and delicious gluten-free foods available.
  • ETHICALLY SOURCED - Sustainably and ethically sourced to support future generations and fight the effects of climate change.

Food that’s free from gluten doesn’t have to be bland and uninspiring. With Amisa, they’re on a mission to make gluten-free foods available without being heavily processed. Not to mention, we don’t want those who are gluten-free to settle for a lesser version of their gluten-filled counterparts.

Life is meant to be enjoyed and the joy of food is a huge part of life. So, skip the overly processed, unhealthy gluten-free products that hide behind clever marketing and find a wholesale, organic alternative that’s full of flavour and made with love.

Explore the full range of Amisa’s gluten-free products, available wholesale from First Ray. Plus, enjoy free delivery Australia-wide and supply your health food store, grocery store or online store with high-quality, gluten-free foods that everyone will enjoy. 

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