Chocolate & Confectionery

Chocolate is one of the most popular treats available in the market.
The chocolate industry in Australia is worth over $1.39 billion and is expected to grow by 7% year on year. Changing consumer preferences are expected to continue to support strong growth for organic products and chocolates are part of the trend.
What most consumers don't know is where that chocolate comes from and how it’s made?
While you may be used to choosing organic produce, you might not be familiar with the differences between organic chocolate and your regular chocolate bar.
Is there any difference in taste? Is it worth paying a little bit more?

Better for the farmers
Every bar of chocolate is made with two key ingredients cacao and sugar.
Regular chocolate uses cacao and sugar grown with the aid of chemical fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides. These harmful chemicals have been linked to numerous negative health effects. Farmers general in developing countries lacks the kind of protective gear that would help mitigate some risk of exposure.
Organic chocolate means that cacao and sugar are produced without the use of harmful chemicals. Farmers would instead use biodynamic and organic fertilisers and pest deterrents. These natural agricultural products are better for both the crops and the farmers who grow them, allowing their operation to expand without putting their health and the health of their communities at risk.

Better for the environment
The chemicals involved in the cacao and sugar production for regular chocolate harm the environment. Pesticides, fungicides and herbicides are designed to kill unwanted insects and plants. However, there's been cases of chemicals ending up in the soil and water, contaminating plant and animal life even beyond the farm.
Organic chocolate is made from cacao and sugar that is grown without these synthetic chemicals. Our suppliers use farms that utilise natural, organic and biodynamic tools to cultivate these crops. Organic methods are good for biodiversity, ecosystems and the environment.

Better for you
When you purchase organic chocolate, you are choosing to eat a food that is made without synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides and other chemicals. Why risk the harmful impacts of chemicals and pesticides when you can avoid them?

Here at First Ray, it’s important to make informed decisions about the products we provide, the things we eat and the systems we support.
We offer certified organic products across our range of confectionery.
-Chocolate coated snacks
-Dark Chocolate
-Vegan Chocolate
-Gluten-Free & DairyFree Gummies

Our Products
At First Ray, we stock a variety of organic dark chocolate and confectionery made with the highest quality organic ingredients. Some of our favourites include chocolate-coated snacks from Ratio Cocoa Roasters. Vegan-friendly dark chocolate made from organic cocoa beans coated almonds, hazelnuts, strawberries and more.
For those looking for a healthier treat, our range of 100g dark chocolate bars from Benetto are handmade, ethically sourced ingredients and fair trade approved.

Our brands
Benneto hand made organic chocolate with cocoa sourced from Acopagro, a Fairtrade cooperative at the base of the Amazon Jungle in Peru.

Biona Organic, 100% organic, ethically and sustainably sourced food.

Ratio Cocoa Roasters, part of a small percentage of chocolate companies worldwide that uses traditional methods, adding no preservatives or additives.

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