Wholesale Vegetarian Products

“I can’t eat that. I’m a vegetarian”.

You may have heard this many times but it’s not that simple. I’m still confused. Are you lacto-ovo vegetarian and eat no meat, but eat dairy products and eggs. Are you ovo-vegetarian and eat egg, but no meat or dairy products. Perhaps you’re pescatarian, and don’t eat meat but eat fish.  Or maybe you’re vegan and eat no meat or animal product at all. Hmm…so many options.

At First Ray we have defined a vegetarian as someone who doesn't eat meat, poultry or fish. This means our vegetarian goodies may have eggs, dairy products and honey in them which you can easily see by checking out our other values like Egg Free, Dairy Free and Vegan. And if you’re still not sure if something is the right Vegetarian for you, you can always check out the ingredients we have for each product just to make sure.