Wholesale Made in Australia Products

Australia is an amazing place and we Aussies are pretty cool! Our farmers and fishermen, manufacturers and processors make some great products and here we salute them.

By buying Australian made products, you are supporting local jobs, helping to boost our economy and are keeping manufacturing alive. You can also shop with confidence as we generally have pretty high standards too.

But don’t be fooled! Many people know the emotional pull an “Aussie made” label has and its positive impact on sales so we welcome the new food labelling laws which will clearly identify just how much of your Aussie made product contains um, Australian ingredients, if any at all. Also, many products are completely made and packaged overseas but carry the Australian Organic logo giving the impression they are made in Australia – they aren’t. As always we need to read our labels carefully.

As for the wonderful products you see here, rest assured they are, just as we have said, made in the Land of Oz using local ingredients and ingredients from the wonderful world around us.