Eco Office Supplies

Let us help you to ditch the plastic from your business and office and be free of those nasty single use plastic rubbish bags. Compostible bin liners to the recue. BioBag have a huge range of compostible bin liners with sizes ranging from 10lt up to 240lt. To make it a little more exciting some lines are Australian made!

Why stop there would you like to refill and reuse in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry as well. We have you covered and make it easy for you to choose to reuse with Australian made eco products. Yes you can even ditch the harsh chemicals and make life a little less toxic for your staff and customers with Australian Biologika and Ecologic Bulk 15L, Dish Liquid, Floor Cleaner, Laundry Liquid and Hand Wash. For a totally plastic free refill for linen and tea towels try Happi Earth Laundry Liquid.

Check out our Food Service category for Bulk plastic free organic tea and herbals and more. 

Every little bit helps and as we all know our planet needs us all to do our bit.