Wholesale BioBag Product Range

Looking for an alternative to single use plastic bags and rubbish bags? BioBag produce 100% compostable rubbish bags (bin liners), resealable food storage bags, produce bags, doggy poop bags are more all made from 100% plant based materials.

With BioBag world Australia, plastic bags be gone! BioBag brings you biodegradable and compostable alternatives including bin liners, freezer bags, food storage bags and doggy waste bags, straight to your door (or is that store?).

Starting out as a polyethylene manufacturer way back in the 1950s, the first range of BioBag products were officially introduced in 1993. Producing compostable bags, sacks and films that break down anywhere that oxygen and microorganisms exist, this eco-friendly plastic bag brand produces over a billion BioBags per year.

Based in Adelaide, South Australia, with branches around the world, BioBag is on a mission to improve plastic bag alternatives to create a more eco-friendly world. Constantly innovating and improving their products, the BioBag range including a wide range of plastic alternatives including:

  • Compostable bin liners, rubbish bags and garbage bags for all your rubbish and food waste
  • Dog poo and waste bags
  • Kitchen compost caddies
  • Produce bags
  • Freezer Bags
  • Food Storage Bags

Made from a patented Mater Bi material – the accumulation of over 25 years of experience – you won’t find a better compostable plastic bag alternative.

  • 100% COMPOSTABLE CERTIFIED – Biodegradable and breaks down wherever oxygen and mucroorganisms are present
  • SUSTAINABLE – Provides a high-quallity alternative to single-use plastic bags
  • INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY – On a mission to create less waste by bringing together over 25 years of innovation
  • NON-TOXIC – Free from toxic residues found in plastic
  • ECO-FRIENDLY – Reducing the amount of plastic in landfills
  • GMO FREE - Non genetically modified corn starch

BioBag Australia takes biodegradeability to the next level and is your go to brand when looking for an environmentally sustainable alternative. After all, at some point, everything is eventually biodegradable. Instead BioBag products are compostable meaning they’re non-toxic, avoid pollution and breakdown into organic matter. They don’t leave a trace behind.