What started out as a simple conversation has turned into a booming organic tea brand. This is SereniTEA, an Australian organic, fairtrade tea brand whose very first client was none other than Myer. 

Knowing they had something good on their hands, they walked the streets of busy Melbourne, knocking on doors of cafes and restaurants to offer their high-quality tea blends. Now, you can find SereniTEA tea all over Australia, and for good reason…

Inviting tea drinkers to enjoy an elevated experience through their organic loose leaf and teabag blends, SereniTEA promotes peace and wellness for the mind, body and soul. Treating the way they source and blend tea leaves like art, the difference is in every sip.

  • ORGANIC 100% Certified Organic and free from pesticides, chemicals and herbicides
  • FAIRTRADE 100% Fairtrade Certified to ensure fair working conditions for tea growers in developing countries

Bringing their organic and fairtrade values into every cup, SereniTEA is on a mission to become not only the best tea in the world but to do good every step of the way.

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