"I love housework!" Said no-one, ever.

But as we all have to do it, we may as well use the 'opportunity' to make our homes sparkly and clean AND look after our health and that of our environment at the same time.

Ecologic is made by Organic Formulations, a family owned business based in Riddells Creek, Victoria. They've created a complete home cleaning range that is safe, non-toxic, effective and gentle.

It's brilliant at cleaning the house from top to bottom, whilst protecting the environment and minimising the use of harmful chemicals in the home. Made with natural and certified organic ingredients, the whole range is phosphate free, biodegradable, cruelty free, vegan friendly and grey water safe.

The range includes all you need to clean the kitchen and bathroom, all around the house and do the laundry. And that makes things a little better, right?