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Make the switch now! You can help make the world a better place by making the simple switch to buying fair trade products at First Ray. Here at First Ray, we offer a wide range of wholesale fair trade products, and eco friendly products. Whether from coffee, chocolate and confectionery, tea, fair trade bags wholesale, fair trade gifts wholesale and many more. With First Ray you are able to be environmentally friendly at the same time empower farmers and workers around the world. 

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What is Fair Trade?
Fair trade is all about looking after the farmers and producers in developing countries and giving them the same things we would want and expect.

Fair trade tries to ensure farmers get paid a fair price for their goods, have decent working conditions, and have the ability to trade fairly with other partners around the world. Through these measures, fair trade can empower farmers and workers around the world to live a life free from poverty, it can enable them to have access to medical and education facilities and give them control over their future.

Fair trade products are working towards equity and have embedded gender equality into all programs. This means that there are strict rules and regulations that stamp out bias and discrimination based purely on gender. We want women to be empowered to increase their participation in the governance process, in workshops such as leadership and become a marketing savant, getting credit and improving how they farm. While it tackles gender equality it is also working on fair pay, sustainable development goals, modern slavery, and child labour.

Why choose products with Fair Trade?
Why Fair Trade? Buying Fair Trade here at First Ray is buying smarter. When you purchase products with the fair trade mark, you're helping eradicate global poverty and inequality around the world directly from your cart. It also means you're helping to combat very serious global issues. The majority of these issues have a single root cause and that's extreme poverty. 

People say happiness is a block of chocolate, a block of fair trade chocolate that is. It's a treat that many of us love and enjoy, but conditions for a cocoa farmer can be anything but joyful. Many cocoa farmers and their families, predominantly in West Africa, face a lifetime of living below the poverty line. This means they can't provide the basic needs for their family, and face grueling conditions. There is little they can offer their children when it comes to education and opportunities. Generational extreme poverty breeds child labour, gender inequality, and deforestation as well. None of which is an attractive proposition for those who would be the next generation of cocoa farmers.

Another reason to go for fair trade products is that it definitely tastes better because of the love, care, precision, and pride placed into fair trade food products, they are generally higher quality than non-fair trade counterparts.

Take coffee for example. As the demand for global coffee increases, methods of mass production are leading to lower-quality produce. Sustainably grown organic coffee is often grown slower and under the rain-forest canopy, which leads to a more complex flavour. During the pressing process, organic coffee is processed without the use of the harsh chemicals commonly used on non-organic beans, making them tastier and better for you.

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