Biona Organic believe wholeheartedly in organic food, food that is 100% free from chemical pesticides, herbicides and genetically modified plants.

Provenance is a big passion at Biona too, with all of their food and ingredients completely traceable, back to their individual and original farms.

They only use farmers employing non-intensive, sustainable farming practices to develop food that is good for us, and good for the local environment.

The extensive Biona Organics range include chocolate spreads, nut butters, condiments, sauces, beans, vinegars, pure juices, oils, spelt pasta and noodles, confectionary plus loads more. All totally organic, natural, healthy, high quality, delicious and suitable for vegetarians.

If you're living an ethical lifestyle, or you're aiming to, the Biona Organics brand will fit in perfectly.

Stock up your kitchen and make Biona Organics part of your ethical and healthy diet.