Wholesale Palm Oil Free Products

Palm oil, is quite rightly, a controversial oil. The harvesting of palm oil means the cutting down of huge swathes of our rainforests – the very lungs of our earth. The trade in palm oil is so huge, that it also means that people native these areas are trapped in a cycle of having to work for this destructive industry, or starve.

By buying products that contain palm oil from unsustainable sources, we’re also unwittingly supporting the destruction of ecosystems and homes for indigenous communities. This contributes to the uneasy future of species of tigers, rhinos, leopards, monkeys and elephants. Not to mention the unfortunate poster-animal of the problem with palm oil – the orangutan.  

But we can create change. By supporting brands that use palm oil alternatives or palm oil from certified sustainable sources, we can help make a better future for the planet. Who’s on board?!