Wholesale Hampstead Tea Product Range

UK’s #1 ethical tea brand – Hampstead Tea.

Aussies love a good cuppa tea and Hampstead Tea is about as good as it gets. Sourced sustainably using fair trade practices, Hampstead Tea is 100% organic and completely delicious.

These biodynamic teas maximise health and vitality and are grown organically and self-sustainably to create tea plants that regenerate themselves. Available as tea bags or loose tea leaves, Hampstead Tea is a cuppa you’ll feel good about enjoying.

Packaged with plastic-free materials and in compostable tea bags, Hampstead Tea is gentle on the environment. Plus, they use fair trade practices to take care of the people who work to nurture and grow these tea leaves, ensuring they’re paid fairly, have access to medical services and are given educational opportunities. 

  • ORGANIC – 100% organic to support regenerative farming and tea plants that are self-sustainable
  • FAIRTRADE – Hampstead Tea is fully fairtrade ensuring fair wages, medical care, education and more for farmers and workers
  • SUSTAINABLE – Tea bags are compostable and Hampstead Tea is packaged with plastic-free materials

Founded by Kiran after she moved to the UK from India, Hampstead Tea was born out of necessity. She wanted a tea that had no plastics or pesticides and decided to make her own. Now, Hampstead Tea is the #1 ethical tea brand in the UK offering delicious, biodynamic tea worldwide.

Stock your shelves with Hampstead Tea or buy in bulk from First Ray. Whether you own a health food store, cafe, restaurant or would like to serve organic and fairtrade tea in your business or office, you can can’t go wrong with Hampstead Tea. 

Place your wholesale orders and shop today. First Ray is Australia’s leading organic, fairtrade and sustainable wholesaler and distributor. Founded in 2005 and proudly B Corp Certified, our fair trade Hampstead Tea is available Australia wide with free delivery available.