Eco-Friendly Nappies
Parents want to find the best possible product for their children. 
This means finding nappies that are gentle on your baby’s skin, provide a perfect fit and make your little one feel comfortable.

It’s also important to be considerate to the environment. 

Did you know that most conventional disposable nappies in use today are not biodegradable?

On average it takes about one cup of crude oil to make each nappy.

A growing problem as a staggering 3.75 million disposable nappies are used each day in Australia and New Zealand.

As an essential for all families with young children, nappies are sadly a nightmare for the environment and add to our landfills.

A concern for everyone as disposable diapers can take hundreds of years to fully decompose. 

The good news is that the market trends and consumer demands are shifting, with the global market for eco-friendly nappies to grow at 10.3% year on year.

Today’s parents choose eco-friendly nappies that cater to their children and help preserve the world around them.

At First Ray we offer wholesale nappies from award-winning brands Ecorginals and Bambo Nature. 

Ecoriginals was founded in 2011 by a husband and wife team in Byron Bay Australia.
The founders who were parents themselves were frustrated by the lack of eco-friendly nappy options and created their own. 

Made of 90%+ plant-based ingredients and their performance exceeds traditional disposable nappies. 

-90% Biodegradable
Made with premium plant-based materials for the best eco-friendly nappy yet.
-Plantcell Technology™
Moisture is trapped away from the skin in our innovative central core.
-Unbeatable Absorbency
That’s 40% better than standard disposable nappies.
-Kind on Bottoms
Natural layers protect those little bottoms from rash and discomfort.
-Paper Packaging
A world-first, paper nappy packs are home compostable.
-90 Days
90% plant-based materials biodegrade in just three months.
-Natural Layers
Ensuring the gentlest care for delicate skin.

It holds over 900ml of liquid, which is drawn away from the skin, so it stays dry and rash-free. As the saying goes, happy bums = happy mums!

Bambo Nature is one of the most environmentally friendly nappies on the market. They are manufactured in a production facility where 95% of all production waste is recycled. 

Bambo Nature nappies:

Multi-award-winning eco nappy

Nordic Swan Eco Label

Lower eco-footprint

Raw materials are certified free from harmful chemicals

Dermatologically tested

Super absorbent

Fully recyclable packaging

Made in Denmark

Hypo-allergenic chemucal free and reduces irritation on your babies precious sensitive little bottom.


First Ray is committed to provide sustainable & eco friendly nappies that are better for the environment and our planet.
The founders have personally used eco-friendly nappies for their 2 babies for over a 2 year period and never had a problem with any nappy rash or skin irritation found with other nappy brands. 
We stock all nappy sizes from newborn premature size 0 to toddler training pants.

For more information on our eco-friendly nappies or if you would like to make a wholesale order of our nappies, Contact Us.

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