Wholesale KOOSHOO Product Range

KOOSHOO – responsibly created scrunchies, headbands, hair ties and more.

Hair accessories never go out of style but the way many headbands and scrunchies are made these days is definitely uncool. As an alternative, KOOSHOO offers organic, sustainably-sourced hair accessories for conscious consumers. Little by little, KOOSHOO brand products hopes to inspire more ethical purchases in everything you buy.

When you choose plastic-free hair ties and plant-based scrunchies from KOOSHOO, even the smallest purchases can make a huge impact on the environment and the manufacturers who create them.

  • ZERO WASTE – Plant-based and renewable, KOOSHOO is zero-waste friendly
  • ECO-FRIENDLY – Sustainable packaging and plant-based materials mean KOOSHOO hair accessories are fully biodegradable
  • ORGANIC – KOOSHOO hair accessories are organic, plant-based and plastic-free
  • ETHICAL – Fair pay and responsible sourcing make KOOSHOO brand hair accessories style choices you can feel good about

KOOSHOO was created by Rachel and Jesse who wanted to build a purpose-led brand that embodied a cultural shifts towards more sustainable living. After travelling in Borneo and stumbling upon an area that was destroyed by its production of only Westernised goods, their path was lit to learn more about conscious consumerism. KOOSHOO was soon born.

The couple decided that by focusing on sustainable hair accessories, they could create one small change that has potentially huge ripple effects. Taking responsibility for every single step of the supply chain, KOOSHOO is creating better products in a better way.

Stock your beauty store shelves or eco-friendly salon with KOOSHOO hair accessories and feel good about where these products are coming from. Buy wholesale from First Ray and enjoy free delivery all across Australia. 

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