Food To Nourish - Filled With Love and Integrity

Date Posted:23 June 2023 

Food to Nourish is a delightful and inspiring Australian company founded in 2013 by Danielle Minnebo and Natasja Jirwander, who both saw a need in the market for delicious health foods. Their products are creatively packaged with labels designed by Natasja, who takes inspiration from the beautiful organic ingredients they use in their products. Their food products are meant to inspire their customers to make healthier food choices and are made in their own production facility in NSW. Their facility is certified organic with NASSA, which ensures their processes and manufacturing standards adhere to their strict organic guidelines. 

Danielle and Natasja’s vision for the company came from their shared love for the nature around them. Natasja says, “I just love nature and all it provides to our spirit and well being. My hand drawings for each package is an expression of staying very connected to each line but also showing the beautiful relationship between natural wholesome ingredients and what we can do with it. 


“We really are what we eat and now even more important as the enormous choice in front of us brings us great challenge and even more discipline. We must choose well as life is just so beautiful.”

Danielle, who is a nutritionist, describes her passion for the products: “I have a strong love of food, for cooking and sharing nutritious meals with family and friends. The food I prepare has to nourish the body and taste delicious. It is this ethos that I carry through into the products I develop for Food to Nourish."

“The integrity and quality of the products are always at the forefront of my product development. Each product comes backed by my nutrition knowledge and experience.”

Whether you’re looking for Sprouted Snacks, chocolate hazelnut spread, or a bunch of other delicious products, Food to Nourish is your place to satisfy your cravings with your health in mind. Feel like making some delicious Paleo chocolate muffins, or starting your day with some fluffy pancakes? Here’s your stop!


Make sure you check out the recipe section on Food to Nourish – with a mouthwatering collection authored by co-founder Danielle, these recipes can jazz up a boring Monday night meal or give you ideas for healthy additions to your child’s lunchbox. What fussy eater wouldn’t gobble down cheese, corn and chive muffins? 

Bringing these products to your store offers your customers a delightful way to fill their shelves while knowing that the Food to Nourish products are made with love, integrity and health in mind.

Food To Nourish products are available on the First Ray at wholesale prices. If you haven't already, simply create a wholesale account to access all of our organic, sustainable and eco-friendly products!


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