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Supercharged Food

Supercharged Food Australian Zeolite Powder 120g

Supercharged Food Australian Zeolite Powder


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Micronised Clinoptilolite Zeolite minerals are volcanic minerals which are highly negatively charged to help balance PH. They have high absorptive properties. Beneficial for the gut and chronic eczema and rosacea. These are active minerals for your skin that maintain the skin microbiome and are cleansing to the body, to remove microscopic pollution and heavy metals.

  • Sourced from the Australian desert
  • It’s 100% mineral, nothing added
  • Straight from the earth


Australian micronised clinoptilolite Zeolite mineral.

Brand Supercharged Food
Unit Of Measure Pack

Supercharged Food (SCF) was born in 2010 as a healthy eating blog by Lee Holmes. Since then Lee, a clinical nutritionist, whole food chef and yoga teacher has published nine best-selling recipe books including the 10x reprinted Heal Your Gut and it’s followup Supercharge Your Gut. The Supercharged Food website and online platforms have a large and evergrowing audience:

323,000 monthly visits
65,000 newsletter subscribers
130,000 social media followers

In 2012 Lee launched Love Your Gut powder, 100% highest food-grade diatomaceous earth (DE). LYG has become one of Australia's best-selling natural gut health products. Now, after almost two years of research and development, Lee is launching Love Your Gut "Micron 5" DE capsules.

Mission: Better health through a loved gut.
Philosophy: It's simple: "Love Your Gut".

Supercharged Food believes (and the science backs it up) that a healthy, highfunctioning digestive system is paramount to both overall health and specific health conditions. For people on medication, diet plan or supplements, a loved gut works harder to absorb and disperse the medicine, nutrients and hydration.

Made in Australia

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